One of my first C++ Programs - Tetra

Tetra game screenshot

Yes, I know it's a complete rip-off of Tetris. I had to include this game on this site as there's quite an amusing story associated with it.

Back in the days when I thought animated GIFs and funky background sounds were cool, I decided to release my Tetra game into the wide world of the Super Information Highway (snigger) on my free Geo-cities website.

I told a few of my friends about my site and apart from that I didn't really think anyone would ever bother looking at it as it was mostly pictures of people no one knew or cared about.

I had quite forgotten about all this until I let a bored flat mate play Tetra a few years later on my computer. "Oh, I've played this one before. Hang on - you said you programmed this?", he exclaimed. My flat mate went on to explain that he had played it a couple of years ago at JP Morgan where he worked. He wasn't the only one - it seemed the program had got all around the office.

Now why would people choose to play this game when it isn't very exciting and the blocks fall too quickly? It turns out there are two good reasons. The first is that it doesn't make any noise and more importantly, when your boss walks past you only have to kill the focus of the window (by clicking another one) to pause it.

It makes me wonder how many people throughout the world have played this game I wrote. If anyone recognises the game please do write to me - I would love to hear from you. Anyone lost their job because of it?

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