Go Gadget - Garmin Forerunner Toy

Ok, I've started running, so it's only fair that I should be allowed to buy myself a toy isn't it?

I've bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 305 watch thingy-ma-jiggy which comes with GPS, heart-rate monitor, training sessions, bicycle modes, you name it. Much to my dad's delight I still have not found the feature for telling the time! Anyway, it's not a watch and who cares what time it is when you're dying on a hill.

I am pretty happy with the 305. It's a chunky monkey but pretty light and you don't notice it there when you're running.

It's great to be able to upload the route of where you've run into your PC. I'm using SportTracks software for this which does the job quite nicely and spits out routes overlaid on Google Maps. I'll put a few maps of different routes on the blog later on to show you've where I've gone.

The interval training feature is useful. I've set it up for 1 minute high intensity interval followed by 5 minute cool down periods. It gives a series of beeps to tell you when should switch intensities. It's always a suprise how quickly the five minutes go compared to the 1 minutes!

It will probably be interesting to use the data from the Forerunner to see how my fitness level changes. I'll make sure I run the same course occasionally so that I can monitor pace against effort (average heart rate).