BOVE Ordered Vertices Engine

BOVE application screenshot

BOVE is a simple tool for creating special types of convex three dimensional objects. The program attempts to create solid objects with faces of equal size and shape.

The idea was given to me by a friend of mine called Francis Bove and in honour of him I was able to mangle a recursive acronym out of his surname for the name of the project.

The program works by simulating n charged particles distributed and confined to the surface of a sphere. During simulation the particles repel each other and come to rest such that they are as far apart from each other as possible.

Tessellation is then performed to create a triangular lattice comprising 2n-4 triangles. The midpoints of the triangles and then used as the vertices of the polygons. This step I call polygation. We then end up with n polygons as the faces of the convex object.

The user interface of this program demonstrates the steps involved.

The user is also able to select the colours of the light sources and the lines used in rendering. I included this feature mostly as a gimmick and to show off the ActiveX control described below.

The program is also capable of exporting the objects as comma separated vertice lists or as VRML 1.0 (only geometrical data is exported).

Download my C++ example programs or take a look at the BOVE help.

Voronoi diagrams

I like the approach here! Voronoi diagrams (and so Delany triangulations) do very similar things in a more analytic way. They seem quite well studied, but the name isn't nearly as good as yours!